Live VOICE CE Lectures (1 CEU/Lecture)

  ♦  USP 797 Compliance

  ♦  General Radiation Safety for Nuclear Medicine

  ♦  DOT Practices for Nuclear Medicine

  ♦  Patient Preparation for MPI

  ♦  Clinical Value of MPI in Women and Diabetic Patients Value of MPI-Risk Stratification and Prognosis

  ♦  Sentinel Lymph Node Imaging

  ♦  ACR Accreditation Process and Quality Control Procedures

  ♦  Aseptic Technique Reducing the Risk of Healthcare Acquired Infections

  ♦  Infection Prevention : Challenges for Imaging Professionals

  ♦  Healthcare Acquired Infections: A Global Concern

  ♦  Infection Prevention Practices for Imaging Labs

  ♦  CDC Infection Prevention Standards for Ambulatory Care Centers

  ♦  Healthcare Reform

  ♦  Renal Scintigraphy

  ♦  Moly Supply

SNMMI Web CE Lecture-UPPI Partnership Program

  ♦  Your NDP consultant will provide information on how to access this program

Pharmacy Education

  ♦  Nuclear Medicine Resident site visit/observation program

  ♦  Nuclear Medicine/Cardiology Resident didactic training program

  ♦  Nuclear Medicine Technology student visit/observation program

  ♦  Pharmacy student internship program

Lab Operation Support

  ♦  Lab efficiency evaluation

  ♦  Image quality assessment

  ♦  Radiation safety assistance

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